Social Services Provided by Local Church and Faith Based Organizations within the Greater New Haven Region

Note: all of these services and programs are open the Public 
regardless of participants’ religious affiliation. The programs and services listed below are not necessarily endorsed by the Greater New Haven Help Alliance, but merely represent the compilation of survey results. 

Category: Youth

Young Life

Sponsor: Young Life-New Haven.

Description: Young Life is part of a world-class organization for adolescents (grades 6-12) that has been in existence since 1941. Our staff and volunteers enter the world of kids, focusing on what matters to them — fun, adventure, friendship and a sense of significance. In doing so, we earn the privilege of talking to them about something that we think matters most of all — the truth about God and His love for us. Young Life helps kids make good decisions and encourages them to become leaders of character among their peers. Young Life models mentoring relationships and helps older students use their influence in positive ways.

We offer separate programming for middle school and high school teens. Our high school program (known as Young Life) meets weekly for an interactive Bible study at the home of one of the leaders. Other activities are currently being planned. Our middle school program (known as WyldLife) has no regularly scheduled activities at this point, but leaders are connecting with teens on a regular basis. Please call or email Cat Haist, Area Director, for more information or to get your child connected with our carefully trained and screened leaders: 203-668-7898 o

Scholars for Jesus Homework Café

Sponsor: Christian Tabernacle Baptist Church

Christian Tabernacle Baptist Church offers Homework Café from 6:00pm to 8:00pm on Monday evenings.  Homework Café is open every Monday that New Haven Public Schools are open.  Tutoring is available in most subject areas, elementary school through college.

On demand tutoring is provided by professional teachers and Ivy League educated tutors.  Program direction and discipline is provided by Ms. Eleanor Boyd, an education leader with decades of experience leading schools serving young people of all achievement level including at-risk youth.

Students attending Homework Café must bring their school work to the session.  Tutors provide assistance but do not provide the actual school work. The church is located at 425 Newhall Street, Hamden, CT 06517.

Kingdom Cafe

Sponsor: Elm City Vineyard Church

Kingdom Cafe is an open mic event. The focus and vision of the event is to provide Youth in New Haven with a space where they can come and express themselves through multiple forms of art, be it singing, dancing, poetry and spoken word, storytelling, drawings, paining, playing an instrument, the list goes on. The space is primarily for students ages 12-22, though people of all ages are welcome and do participate. The event is held every second or third Friday of the month (dates to be determined) at the United Church on the Green, 323 Temple Street in New Haven, from 4-6pm.

Contact George Black, Youth Ministry Intern, for more information at 203-508-4834. You can also e-mail him at

Summer Youth Initiative

Sponsor: Greater New Haven Help Alliance

The Summer Youth Initiative is a summer leadership/ work ethic training program for young people between the ages of 14 and 18. The youth meet in the mornings for lectures, hands-on workshops, journaling, and discussion that pertain to leadership, work ethic, character development and team building. In the afternoon the youth are placed in jobs particular to their field of interest. Businesses and nonprofits such as New Haven Reads, IRIS Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services, Yale New Haven Hospital, Charles B. Price Law Office and United Way have provided jobs in the past. Youth Initiative not only provides training but also provides a weekly stipend for youth who attend.

Contact Jason Gouborn at 203-466-8989 for further information. You can also reach him for further information.

Daughters of Hope

Sponsor: Church on the Rock

Daughters of Hope is a mentoring group for girls ages 6-16. The mission in Daughters of Hope is to promote healthy adolescent development by using biblical principles and character building activities to foster and encourage a sense of purpose, personal power, better communication skills, a desire to achieve and willingness to give back to the community.

Contact the church office at (203) 498-4630 for further information.

Boys 2 Men

Sponsor: Church on the Rock

Boys 2 Men is designed to assist families in the process of developing boys ages 7-12 into emotionally competent and fully responsible men who are assets to their families, communities, and the younger generations that will follow. The vision driving the mission includes men making themselves available in the cause of helping boys to become healthy, motivated, responsible, informed, capable and of good character. Mentoring in this program is done as a group. Curriculum includes topics such as health and fitness, relationships, spirituality, personal development, and lab technology. the program operates during the school year.

Call the church office at (203) 498-2687 for further information.

Adopt a School Program

Sponsor: Greater New Haven Help Alliance

The Adopt-a-school program is a collaborative effort among several churches who have come together to provide tutoring and mentoring at the Lincoln Bassett School in New Haven. We have become an integral part of that community and ideally look to expand to other schools.

Most recently, a 5 week cartooning program was brought to the school by way of the Help Alliance and its partner, The Art Fun Factory.

Scheduling is flexible during the school day and there are a few slots open for the after school program (3-4PM). Contact Todd Foster at 203-466-8990 for further information. 

Category: Homeless, Indigent, People in Crisis, 
Misc. Help

Stepping Stones Transitional Housing

Sponsor: Christian Community Action

Christian Community Action has operated the Stepping Stone Transitional Housing Program since 1998. Located at 660 Winchester Avenue, it houses 18 families that have been or are at risk of becoming homeless for up to two years.  Families must be referred and deemed motivated to break their cycle of homelessness. After acceptance, the families receive case management services and participate in educational workshops that assist them with securing permanent housing and employment.

            For an application, please contact 203.777.7167

Agape Church for the Homeless

Sponsor: Agape Church

Agape Church for the Homeless exists to love, serve, and empower the New Haven homeless community by providing for their spiritual, physical, and relational needs, in response to the good news of Jesus Christ.  Join us to receive physical and spiritual care and to become a diverse, reconciling community.

We meet on Sunday Mornings at 8am at Trinity Lutheran Church (292 Orange St.), in the upstairs fellowship hall. (In the summers, we meet at 9am on the Upper Green - behind United Church on the Green)

For More Info, visit: or email Josh Williams (

Hillside Family Shelter

Sponsor: Christian Community Action

At the Hillside Family Shelter,  families live in temporary housing for 60-90 days.  Working from two sites, the Shelter has ten fully furnished apartments at our Sylvan Avenue site and seven at our Davenport Avenue site.  The apartments range in size from a one-room efficiency to three bedrooms, thus accommodating a range of family sizes.  The goals of the Hillside Family Shelter include increasing family stability, decreasing family stress and searching for permanent housing and employment.   One objective is to work with the heads of household while they are in residence to make them comfortable enough to disclose their most personal challenges to move beyond them. Another, and new, objective is to focus on the children within these families.

For more information about this program, contact Lillian Marquez at (203) 777-7173.

Neighborhood Assistance Program

Sponsor: Christian Community Action

The Neighborhood Assistance Program is designed to have an immediate effect on the families we serve.  It includes a Food Pantry in which the people served make appointments once a month and “shop” for bags of groceries depending on the size of their families and what food items are on our shelves. It also includes the Energy Assistance Program, for those who need help with their oil, gas or electric bills for heating, and a Diaper Bank, through which families can register and make monthly appointments to receive free diapers they need.  Finally, we offer Information and Referral Services for people who need copying, faxing and notary public services.

            For more information about this program, contact Lillian N. Marquez at (203)777-7848. 

Category: Family Matters

Divorce Recovery Workshops

Sponsor: Church on the Rock

These weekly meetings help people who are dealing with the aftermath and pain of a divorce. Videos, discussion, and prayer help individuals to work through the complicated issues of divorce. It is a 13 week program scheduled once per year.

Contact the church office at (203) 498-4630 for further information.

Power Moms

Sponsor: Church on the Rock

Power Moms is a support ministry to Single Moms that seek to build bridges of understanding, and support and provide new exciting connections. They come together to unfold the wealth and wholeness they have in God, in their children, and in one another. God is calling them to an abundant life and an opportunity to let Him show off his grace, mercy and provision in their lives. They are more than single moms--they are Power Moms!

 Contact the church office at (203) 498-4630 for further information.

Category: Healing Ministry

Grief Share

Sponsor: Church on the Rock

Grief Share is a support group that ministers to those who have lost a loved one. It is a place where hurting people find healing and hope. It will teach you how to walk the journey of grief and be supported on the way by a facilitator and others who are traveling the same journey toward healing. Meetings take place on Tuesday evenings.

Contact Mrs. Richardson at (203) 498-2687 for further information and the schedule.

Rapha Women’s Ministry

Sponsor: Church on the Rock.

Rapha has proven to be an effective ministry for women who have suffered trauma, abuse, or major life conflicts.  Rapha provides a powerful support system that is helping many women to find wholeness again! It’s a real sisterhood with a track record of facilitating healing in real ways. Meetings take place on Friday evenings.

Call the church office at (203) 498-2687 for further information.

Category: The Arts

School of Worshipful Arts

Sponsor: Church on the Rock

S.O.W.A. is a unique school established to develop the talents and gifts placed in the church body. Six week courses are offered on a semester basis in music (guitar, woodwind & violin), drama, sign language, praise dance and art (drawing and painting).

Call the church at (203) 498-2687 for course offerings and scheduled semesters. ​